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Is a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 right for me?Is a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 right for me?  There are many questions to consider.  Do I need to save my home from foreclosure?  If the answer is no, chapter 7 can possibly save your home and wipe out credit card debt enabling a homeowner to focus on the home bills.  A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may allow the home owner to strip off a second mortgage and restructure his/her debt...

Debt Relief for Pawtucket ResidentDaniel W.* of Pawtucket, RI., was referred to Janet Goldman’s practice in the midst of financial turmoil. He was still in the process of resolving a difficult divorce which had forced him from his home. Separation from a partner can be a messy process, but dissolving a marriage can be particularly complicated and will typically incur heavy financial burdens for one or both parties. The Costly Aftermath of Divorce With no real estate, high medical bills, and a...